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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunny Days--May 29, 2012

School is out, summer is here, it is time to have fun!  At least that is the mindset I am trying to hold onto.  This is the little guy's last summer before Kindergarten, so I want him to have as much fun as possible and have good memories despite our peanut adventure.  He has done really well since Saturday, only complaining of some fleeting belly pain today.  The process has become labor intensive trying to get the medications in him at the right time to try to ensure success.  Probably partly because once I find success in a certain schedule I stick to it like glue, afraid that if I vary the timing of each medication or lunch that he will get sick.  Hopefully as time passes and routines are forced to change, he will show me that it will be o.k. and he won't react.  The little guy continues to be a good sport about it all--it is just so hard to keep him still and busy in sedentary activities for 2-3 hours when it is so nice outside.  So for now, we are cramming in outdoor water fun, bike riding, digging in the yard and playground time in the mornings and late evenings trying to let a kid just be a kid.  And I will continue to pray for more sunny days ahead.

to be continued....

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