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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Roller Coaster--May 27, 2012

This whole process is becoming quite confusing. Today, we did the same thing as yesterday--eat lunch and then eat a little peanut. I couldn't even eat lunch today I was so nervous(this study will do wonders for my waistline!). He didn't get upset when it was time to eat it. Maybe the whole getting sick process happens so fast and the nausea comes in waves. Hopefully it is not as traumatic to him as it appears to be. Today after eating it he played and talked--a lot. I can always tell when it isn't going well because the little guy gets really quiet. He never seemed like it bothered him at all today and he said his stomach was fine the whole time. Go figure. I am so thankful he did well, but I don't understand how 2 days can be so different when nothing we do changes. And who knows what tomorrow will bring. This sheds new light on the phrase "take it day by day". To be continued...


  1. What a tough little guy to have these reactions and still keep on trying. I know this is really hard but you're certainly doing the right thing doing this "together". Keep up the hard work Stu and mama!

  2. Thanks Janet! Your words of encouragment really mean a lot!