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Friday, May 11, 2012

First Home Dose--May 11, 2012

Today is the day.  Today is the day I give the little guy his first dose at home--all by myself.  Yesterday evening I thought all my adrenaline had settled down and I could finally relax.  Then as today went on, the anxiety started to build again as I thought about him eating his first dose at home.  The last 2 days we were surrounded by many trained medical professionals and were at a hospital clinic!  Now today I felt the same way I did 3 years ago when I fed the little guy peanut for the first time--scared to death.  At least this time I knew the outcome should not be the same as three years ago, but it is hard not to worry.  I waited until his sister was down for a nap so I was not distracted.  We mixed it in plenty of juice, chased it with plenty of juice and he had about 10 mini nilla wafers.  Maybe we will finally be able to put a little meat on the little guy's bones over the next year!  He will be eating A LOT of snacks!

This time with all our extra food he didn't have any mouth itching or any symptoms at all.  He played Legos for about an hour after the dose and showed no signs today of being uncomfortable.  Whew!  I think home dosing will go a bit smoother from here on out.  This is going to be a great yet difficult year at the same time.  Even though he tolerates a dose one day, it is no guarantee that his body will cooperate the next.  I know to keep the mood light and not talk about any of that with him, but boy is my mind turning with the "what ifs" inside.  I just say a little prayer everyday for him.  It will all be ok.

to be continued......

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