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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ups and Downs May 20, 2012

Well, I guess I can eat crow.  I did a wee bit of bragging feeling proud of the little guy and it has been a bit of a downhill slide since then.  On Thursday, he seemed to do really well, was talkative and happy after his dose.  About 1 1/2 hours after the dose he was having an apple snack and I heard him cough/gag.  Sounded like choking.  I asked if he was OK and he pointed to his neck and said "it is stuck!!".  He then proceeded to vomit everything up.  I really did think he had choked but it did cross my mind that maybe he had reacted to the peanut.  Friday, he developed an upset stomach and had to lie down for about an hour, but he never became sick.  Saturday, there was no problem at all.  Happy as a lark!  So today, I did EVERYTHING the same as yesterday--same time, same snack, same activities.  He seemed to be doing well.  No complaints from him.  I never ask him if anything is bothering him to try to avoid the power of suggestion.  We were sitting on the porch together playing a game on the ipad and an hour and 10 minutes after his dose he proceeded to stand up and vomit everywhere--and A LOT.  I think it really scared him this time.  He never cried but he turned to me and said "I really don't like this Mama".  It just broke my heart.  Once everything was over he rebounded quickly--and I didn't have to treat him with any medication.  He even had pizza for dinner!  That is how odd these reactions are.  He can get so sick one minute and then 2 hours later eat pizza and a fudgesicle--then ride his bike around the block.  Guess I will be calling the allergist tomorrow for some guidance and explanations!  I just pray this is temporary.  There is no way the little guy can continue this if the stomach symptoms don't subside--and soon.

to be continued....

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  1. I am sorry this reaction happened. But I am glad that he was able to eat his pizza and not worry about getting sick with that. Was it from Sal's?