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Monday, June 4, 2012

Countdown--June 4, 2012

One day left!  Only 1 day until we go back to clinic to increase the dose of peanut for another 2 weeks.  I have been afraid to post anything since he has been doing really well with the thought that I might jinx him.  Certainly don't need any of that!  He has been a lot more active after his last several doses and not being as quiet so I take that all as good signs.  It will be interesting to see when the dose gets doubled this week from 6mg (1/50th of a peanut) to 12mg (1/25th of a peanut) if some of the stomach symptoms come back or just how he will react.  He is still taking 2 different stomach medicines each day, so I will discuss the plan for those with the allergist Wednesday as well. 

It seems like a lot of work for something that will not "cure" him.  In no way will he be able to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or peanut butter pie when this is done.  But the goal in doing all this is to keep him safe from accidental exposure.  He will still have to eat small amounts of peanut items on a regular basis to keep his immune system from rejecting peanut again.  Completing this would mean he could eat at any restaurant he wanted, go get ice cream treats anywhere he wanted, and most importantly (to him) not feel different from his friends by having to pack different snacks and worry about food at birthday/school parties.  Most importantly to me, as Mama, I would feel safe with him leaving me to go to school or out with friends.  If this works, it will be a huge step for our whole family. 

I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers everyone has expressed for us.  I know we will have our ups and downs, but it means a lot to know we have a cheering section!

to be continued....

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