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Monday, June 18, 2012

A Smooth Road--June 18, 2012

So far so good. It has, thankfully, been an uneventful 2 weeks for the little guy. He was certainly due! He has not had any issues getting sick with his dose and really acts more himself the whole time after taking his dose. I can tell his allergies in general bother him a bit more the first week or so after changing doses. Guess the peanut gets his whole immune system geared up to everything a bit more. I hope that the reason these 2 weeks have been better is that his immune system is finally accepting the peanut as a "friend". He is still taking 2 different stomach medicines, and will continue to do so until at least after the next dose. I think he actually enjoys eating it each day. He gives me instructions to get it ready for him while he is eating his lunch! It has been nice to have things a little more normal around the house after our first month. Let's pray this Wednesday will bring the same good fortune as he heads back to clinic for another dose doubling!

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