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Thursday, September 6, 2012

7th Clinic Visit--September 5, 2012

Here we go, back where the little guy started 6 weeks ago. After his one after school reaction last week, he did great the rest of the week.  Of course, once I told him he would keep throwing up after school unless he drank the water I packed, his lunch box magically started to come home empty with all the liquids gone.  He is a quick learner. 

He did a good job at clinic yesterday.  He didn't have any trouble going up on his dose, back to 75mg of peanut protein.  That is 1/4 of a peanut.  The allergist is hopeful that staying on the 50mg dose for a month will be the push he needed to tolerate it.  I fixed a little desk area in the hallway and he just sat and drew houses for 2 hours.  It really is nice having that 2 hours at clinic to spend with him.  It is hard to find quiet time in the house after school when his sister is on the loose.

I did ask the question that I dreaded to ask--if he did not do well again going up on the dose, did that mean we were done? out of the study?  Thankfully, the allergist said that we could continue, we would just have to go back down to 50mg again and stay there at least for another month or so if we were willing.  Even though that would drag things out longer, it would be worth it.  Our whole family has sacrificed so much so far to be a part of the study, I hate to stop.  From talking to the allergist, I gathered that the little guy was one of the few having trouble with the study in the group he is with.  Seems like participants who had even higher IgE levels are not having any trouble escalating their doses.  The little guy had one of the lowest levels that was measured in this phase.  The allergist said that is why he really doesn't put much stock in the lab work because it gives no real indication how people will react. 

Today he took his second dose of 75mg after school.  I could tell it bothered his allergies some, but he never became quiet (our doom signal) so everything went well.  That is an improvement from the last time he did this.  If he can make it through the weekend without getting sick, I think he will be o.k.  He seems to really like school--some things he will tell us but the majority of the day I am told is a "secret".  At least he is smiling when I pick him up and is non-stop energy until his head hits the pillow at night.  Now that the initial stress from school is over, hopefully peanut can have some smooth sailing for a while.  The little guy is certainly due.

to be continued...

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