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Monday, September 10, 2012

Smiles--September 10, 2012

Today I was told by the little guy as soon as I picked him up from school that he had a smile on his face all day. He was just beaming and you could tell he was proud of himself. The teacher gave me the thumbs up and said it was a great day.  That was so good to see. Hearing about days like that where he can turn it all around and tackle school with a smile makes wading through all the rough days worth it.

That is the same way I feel about peanut dosing right now.  After his rocky month of August, he has done a great job with his last 6 days of 75mg. It seems all his immune system needed was a little pep talk and going back up this time hasn't even bothered his allergies.  No extra sneezing or stuffiness in the morning. He may still get sick during this dose, but if he does I am more confident that it is just due to one of those fluke circumstances and not his inability to tolerate it.  Who knows what the next dose will bring but for right now, he is happy and I'm relieved we can finally enjoy a couple of tiny victories. 

To be continued...

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