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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Almost there! October 14, 2012

The little guy is almost there.  Only 2 more doses until he goes back to clinic to eat his final dose getting him to one peanut a day.  I just hope he can stay well to get there!  He has been battling a cold for the last week.  He didn't have to miss any doses but on Wednesday he did have an asthma attack with his dose since he was sick. 

It is so hard to watch the little guy get sick.  For most parents, having your child get a cold may not even be that noticeable, or just a minor inconvenience.  When the little guy gets sick, I have to be right on top of the cold from day one, giving him 4 times the dose of his inhaled steroid daily than he usually takes.  He also has to have extra inhalers to open him up so he stops coughing.  Sometimes he even has to uses oral medication to help stop his asthma.  He is not a wheezing asthmatic, just one that coughs and often gets very croupy with his cough.  All these medications combined make him very moody and irritable.  I just feel so bad for him that he has to go through all this.  The little guy has more prescriptions written for him than some of the geriatric patients I take care of!

On Wednesday, he had had his cold for 4 days and seemed to be doing better.  No signs after school that anything was getting worse.  He had his dose of peanut and within 20 minutes he started coughing and coughing.  I had to give him 4 puffs of his rescue inhaler just to get the coughing slowed down, but it never stopped it.  I also started him on his Singulair (which makes his moods truly unbearable, but works like a charm).  For whatever reason, this virus seemed to hit his lungs worse than the last cold he had.  The allergist advised me to keep dosing his peanut through the week unless a fever surfaced.

Lo and behold the next day we had a good friend over and he did great!  Not one single cough.  Granted, by this time he had enough inhalers and pills floating in his system that he should be O.K.!

Still today, one week later he is still trying to get better.  I just hope we can ward off the next round of Kindergarten germs until we hit the clinic doors Wednesday!

to be continued....

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