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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

9th Clinic Visit--October 3, 2012

Today was a special day. Going to peanut clinic has never been a bright star in the little guy's day until school started. Even though he is doing well with school and really likes it, he knows that every other Wednesday he gets to leave school early and spend time with Mama. He ALWAYS reminds me to put a note in his book bag to tell the teacher he will be leaving early.  When I told him that we would only have one more Wednesday to come before eating our peanut at home for a few months he said he didn't like that at all.  I sorta understand how he feels.  This whole process has given us a special bond in our relationship.

The little guy didn't realize what a big step today was. Today he was the 2nd person to make the big dosage jump on the new protocol. I was certainly super nervous for him.  He did great the last 2 weeks. I was even able to lower his PPI stomach medication and cut it in half for the last week.  No stomach troubles resurfaced at all!  Today he made the dosage jump from 100mg to 200mg peanut protien (2/3 of a peanut!).  For about 1/2 hour he appeared to get a bit flushed and rubbed his nose a bit, but he never had the ominous quiet period. It seemed that the dose was a success, at least for today!    I asked the allergist how these big dosage jumps were tolerated in other studies at other institutions and he reiterated that the higher doses are much better tolerated than the smaller ones. Seems that the "peanut allergy receptors" are saturated by the time the higher doses are reached, so the body starts to accept more and more without having reactions.  The good man hasn't led us down the wrong path yet, so I have come to trust that he knows what he is talking about!

I have found that if he can make it through the first 5 days of dosing without getting sick, then he will be fine. If he does well this next week, I may get the courage to fully stop his PPI and continue him on just the H2 blocker. The little guy's routine has worked for him for over 4 months, so I hate to rock the boat until he makes it to the end!

In 2 weeks, if all goes as planned, he will go back to eat his final maintence dose of 1 full peanut. I feel so blessed and am so thankful he has made it to this point. I am so proud of the little guy and I make sure I tell him that each and every day.

to be continued...

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