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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot! July 6, 2012

Can it get any hotter? It is probably hotter in Death Valley California according to the little guy--our resident geography buff. We were fortunate not to lose power for long, so we have been basking in AC all this week--until this morning. Our 1st floor AC stopped today, so I put in a stat call with hopes they could work us in to be fixed. Peanut has been going really well for the last 2 weeks. He will stay on the 25mg dose 1 extra week due to the holiday and the allergist being off. We don't go back for another dose escalation until next Thursday, the 12th. I thought today would go fine, but with the extra heat in the house, despite fans running like crazy, I was a bit concerned. One day last week while we were on vacation, he got a little overheated and dehydrated and developed stomach cramps with his dose. He never got sick, but he certainly complained of pain for a while. Today, I tried to fix lunch quickly so I could get both kids upstairs to stay cool where we did have AC. It was still stuffy up there since that unit was working overtime. He seemed fine, but as soon as I sat down in his sister's room to put her down for a nap, I heard him gagging in the hall. Fortunately, once it was all up he was fine. And then the heat pump guy showed up! Yea! He ws able to correct our problem in no time and the AC cranked back up. I guess tomorrow we will stay in and try to beat the heat. I hope that is all it was today, was a reaction to the temperatures. I know I was sweating just trying to fix lunch! Next week he will have a lot more to tackle than peanut. He has Kindergarten Camp! Five days of seeing what big kid school has in store for him. I certainly hope he can turn a new leaf and show them he can do it! to be continued...

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